Monthly Archives: December 2016

Anti-Hillary Left Easily Hands Election to Trump: personal vanity politics remain dismissive of US reality

(Published November 16, 2016 in The Huffington Post)  No hope for a progressive administration, courtesy of the holier-than-thou Left. No, it wasn’t the rise of the disaffected white workers in the Midwest Iron Belt that put Donald Trump in the White House. Not by a long shot. No, the driving force that kept Hillary Clinton […]

Black Panther Mark Clark and Comrades Deserve Apology From His Hometown Newspaper Peoria Journal Star. After 46 Years, Their Lives Still Matter.

(Appeared May 27, 2016 in The Huffington Post) The racially charged December 10, 1969 editorial of the Peoria Journal Star that describes Black Panther leaders and members as “ex-convicts, jobless, and not overly bright.” In our continuing discussion over police tactics used to control and often oppress minority communities throughout the nation, more than a […]

Portland Paper Whitewashes Role in WWII Internments as State Honors Rights Champion, Former Internee Minoru Yasui

(Published on March 29, 2016 in The Huffington Post) The Oregonian photo page from May 10, 1942 somehow, someway found smiling young internees effortlessly going about their daily lives behind barb wire and armed soldiers. A year later, President Roosevelt appointed the paper’s editor and publisher Edwin Palmer Hoyt as director of the Domestic Branch […]