(Published October 2, 2013, Blueoregon.com) September’s passing has witnessed yet another unrecognized anniversary of our city’s landmark episode of wholesale ethnic cleansing which remains unequaled in Portland history. September 1942 saw the close of the Portland Assembly Center prison camp when every local citizen and immigrant resident of Japanese ancestry was at last forced out, […]

(Published June 2, 2013, The Guardian) I recently returned from a vacation in Iran, (why does that phrase always trigger “Holiday in Cambodia” by the Dead Kennedys in my head?) my third time there since 1998. Time spent in the Islamic Republic and other regions around the world always motivates me to question why so […]

(Originally appeared 01/26/13, EmergePeoria.com) Fallout continues more than four decades after Hoover-connected cops kill Black Panthers Mark Clark and Fred Hampton during infamous Chicago raid. In 2011, the late Peorian Mark Clark was inducted into the local African American Hall of Fame. Last year, that honored position with the Hall found its way into the […]

( Originally appeared 08/08/12, Portland IndyMedia) On Monday afternoon I came across two different Sikh truck drivers during my day-job as a security guard at a north Portland warehouse on Swan Island. The two encounters afforded me the chance to offer my condolences and beg their forgiveness for the senseless evil committed on their co-religionists […]

( Originally appeared 08/26/12, Portland IndyMedia) Three days ago I was on a packed #72 Portland city bus running north on 82nd Avenue trying to deal with my broken car. I was sitting in the very back facing a big 20something guy with greased-back black hair talking to anyone who would listen. “I really like […]

(Originally appeared 04/18/12, Portland IndyMedia) The situation screams McCarthy-era thought police that here in 2012 we have such a crystal clear example of spineless American public commentary and discourse, all in unified lockstep behind the apoplectic and cowardly smears against Cuba’s former leader and revolutionary icon Fidel Castro. Ever since Miami Marlins baseball manager Ozzie […]

(Originally appeared 07/24/11, Portland IndyMedia) Unlike most of us, I know more about scleroderma than I ever desired or imagined. This autoimmune disease that touches an estimated 300,000 in America alone comes in two forms, localized and systemic, and generally afflicts four times as many middle-age women than men. Children, however, are not immune. Scleroderma […]


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